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-"I have been to at least 7 vets over the course of 14 years due to moving around a lot, and this is by far the best. The staff is amazing, never rude, and always compassionate. They even call and check up on a pet if they've been in recently with an illness. I've lived here for 3 years and have had my first experiences with the loss of a pet. One just a few days ago. And they are so warm and sympathetic. I rarely have to wait very long for appointments, but if I do, sometimes you just have to be understanding that sometimes other patients need extra time. I cannot say enough about Penny Royal."

-Kellie F.


"Thank you for taking such good care of my Meadow! I had to work so my mother brought him in and she told me just how wonderful you were with him as well as kind to her. You sent back with her information on neuter with him. And you guys sell mine, and his, favorite kind of hay! I hadn’t found anyone so knowledgeable on bunnies. I won’t lie, I was nervous about it but I couldn’t be happier! And Meadow looked to me like he was comfortable too 

-Marie M.

"I take my puppy to Penny Royal and I have since I got him and these people are the BEST! They know me and my pup by name and face and they are so personable. They are always on time and very open to taking any questions I may have about my pup! I would highly recommend Penny Royal to anyone. My favorite animal caretakers out there."

-Carly E.


"This is my Bubbles. Dr. Lacki treated her back in the spring for a reproductive infection. She recovered beautifully and returned to her normal, bubbly self! She says thank you to all the staff at Pennyroyal!"

-JoLee W.

"The entire staff at Pennyroyal is amazing. You can tell that they truly care for the animals and have their best interest at heart. Dr Estill is top notch! She's knowledgeable, caring, and honest. I couldn't ask for a more wonderful vet to take care of our "kids". Dr Lacki is also amazing! Earlier this week we had a very serious life threatening emergency with our two dogs and the quick response of Dr Lacki, Lisa, Megan, and the rest of the team, no doubt saved my dogs lives! I can't recommend this clinic enough. No matter which doctor you book your appointment with your pet will be in excellent hands from the moment you step in the door."

-Genna D.


"Fiona is glad to be feeling better! Thanks to all of the staff at Pennyroyal!"

-Sarah D.

"This place is truly a godsend. Dr. Lackey has taken a special interest with my family's beardie and is doing an amazing job. I would recommend her and the Pennyroyal Clinic to everyone I can. Their compassion and will to want to save and treat every animal is above and beyond."

-Andy H.